Morso Forno

AD | This post is in collaboration with John Lewis & Partners.

It’s been just over a year since we completed our garden makeover and given the time, labour, sweat, tears and money we put into this space, we were on the hunt for a BBQ to add to the space – but one that blended with the design of our garden, and one that would last us for years to come as well as allow us to cook a variety of different meals all year round. I give you, the Morsø Forno Oven Outdoor Package!

Morso Forno

Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno

John Lewis & Partners stock a variety of individual products from the Morsø product range but I’m specifically talking about the Morsø Forno Oven Outdoor Package today, which includes the following.

  • Morsø Forno (the cast iron oven)
  • Large outdoor table on wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Flue pipe to channel smoke (To improve the draught and get better combustion in your Morsø Forno Outdoor Oven under difficult wind and weather conditions)
  • Forno door (converts the Morsø Forno into the perfect smoke oven)
  • Tuscan grill
  • Ash scrapper
  • Pizza peel
  • Fire tongs
  • Forno cover (so you’re equipped for British weather)
  • Morso Forno Cook Book – which is amazing, there are so many recipes to help you get to grips with the range of cooking you can achieve using the Forno – from pizza to fish, to dessert!
  • A 5 year warranty!

Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno

And now for the fun part. THE FOOD. We’ve only had the Morsø Forno Oven for a week but we’ve cooked on it most nights since then to give it a proper trial – the best part about the Forno Oven is how versatile it actually is, this is not just a BBQ grill (as you can see from the photos below) – it’s a pizza oven, you can roast in it, cook dessert in it, and even once you’ve finished cooking, the Forno continues to act as a firepit for you and your guests! After a good trial, I can confirm that everything cooks like a dream in the Forno! Plus, another benefit, with its domed, covered top, it makes the oven really easy to light and stay lit – without the fire going out from a gust of wind or from the rain! Which means we will be able to use it all year round, even in the windier, wetter months!

Morso Forno Morso Forno

Whilst the Morso Forno is available on its own here, and that may be more suitable for some, the oven itself weighs just under 100kg – so it’s not something you want to be having to move around much ideally (moving it is a 2 person job), which is why I find the outdoor table that comes with the deluxe package so useful. Firstly, it is advised that the Forno is placed no less than 1m from flammable surfaces and materials to the sides, not below eaves or low hanging branches, so having the outdoor table (which is on wheels) makes moving the Forno much easier without any of the heavy lifting. I personally would be worried about having to lift and move such an investment piece regularly in case we damaged it! Once the Forno is cool again you can move it back where it is out of the way. Secondly, the table allows for you to have a food prep area to the side of the oven which is great especially if you are entertaining – and your guests can get involved in the process too!

Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno Morso Forno

So would I recommend the Morso Forno range? Absolutely. This may have been a brand collaboration, but having tested this out we would buy this in a heartbeat – in fact, I think my parents may be sold on getting one after pizza night (and they already have a pizza oven) – must be the magic of the Forno!