DFS Lull Grey Sofa


It’s officially that time of year again, dark mornings and evenings. With autumn in full swing, the central heating is back on and Matt’s getting shouted at if he leaves any of the windows open in the house. Despite it all, I’m totally fine with it (well not the dark mornings – I find it hard enough to get up at the best of times), but I’m an Autumn/Winter girl through and through. Give me knitwear and snow over bikinis and sun any day – I don’t tan anyway, which brings me to today’s post, my perfect cosy night in.


DFS Lull Grey Sofa


Well a cosy night just isn’t cosy unless you are warm and snug. Warmth is a basic starting point on ‘how to cosy’ and I feel like we are more prepared (practically) for the colder months this year than we ever have been in this house in previous years. We used to get such a draft from the hallway into our living room which is where we spend majority of our time this time of year.

However, this year has been a total game changer after having a few bits changed. Firstly, we had a new front door fitted and the house has already benefited so much warmth wise; secondly, we put a triple panel column radiator in the living room which is just the best thing ever. So this year, our living room is actually toasty as ever.

When it comes to comfort, a comfy sofa is a must. It’s so important to go and test sofas out before you buy because your cosy night in will be not so cosy if you’re sat on a hard lump that resembles a sofa. We’ve loved curling up to the Lull sofa which we’ve had over a year now. When it comes to soft furnishings, I tend to add more texture in the Autumn months. From Mongolian cushions, chunky knit blankets and faux fur throws, everyone likes a fluffy rug underfoot!

As for who I’d spend my perfect cosy night in with, that would have to be Matt. Every time. We rarely enjoy a normal night in – well we are ‘in’ most nights of course, but as we always have some kind of home renovation project on and I generally work most evenings, we have little time to actually chill out, put our feet up together and put our laptops and phones away. So quality quiet time enjoying the little things like nights at home together is always overdue.

One of my favourite things about Autumn is lighting the first fire of the year. Although, I dream of having a stove one day, nothing quite beats the crackling of logs on the fire – it’s basically a ‘cosy feels’ soundtrack all on its own. As we are both expert fire starters- in a completely innocent non-arson way of course, the fire will of course be lit, roaring in fact. And on that topic, there will be candles, lots of candles. My go to seasonal scent to get me right in the mood for the upcoming festivities is always Wax Lyrical Gold, Frankincense and myrrh – my absolute favourite festive scent.

Food wise, the perfect cosy night in for us doesn’t need to be anything fancy, although an M&S Dine in for two never goes amiss; and the last piece of the puzzle is Netflix. We rarely watch films any more, and it’s always the way this time of year isn’t it. There are so many good series on TV! We’ve got a bunch that we want to get through, including The Haunting of Hill House, Making a Murderer (Season 2), and Killing Eve.

So that’s my perfect cosy night in. What’s yours?

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DFS Lull Grey Sofa