Bedside Essentials

A clutter free bedside table is vital. I like to keep mine simple and tidy with only a few essentials for bedtime.

The actual bedside table is a Ducal bedside table inherited from my parents, which I painted myself using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – along with the rest of my bedroom furniture (I will post a transformation of my bedroom soon!) You can pick all sorts of used Ducal furniture up on Ebay and such places for cheap, the pine furniture is very good quality and even better, you can style it up to your taste with a lick of paint!

The prettiest item on my bedside table has to be my metallic pebble dish from Canvas Home, I actually bought it in the Selfridges sale earlier this year but it sold out completely! Luckily you can still get it from Canvas Home direct. This little dish is where I keep jewellery that I wear on a daily basis. With a charcoal edge and a gold shiny base it matches my jewellery perfectly.

Metallic Gold Jewellery Dish

Secondly most important is my alarm clock, which is copper… obviously… and isn’t she a beauty? Available in four other colours here if the white face isn’t for you, but be warned its hugely popular and sells out constantly so here’s a sweet copper (or rose gold as they call it) alternative incase you can’t get your hands on one.

Karlsson Copper Alarm Clock

Oh and my DIY marble coaster I made – I’m a bit of a freak about ‘no mugs on tops without coasters!’ And why shouldn’t I when I took such care painting my furniture? Plus copper and marble go together perfectly don’t they?

Karlsson Minimal Copper Alarm Clock

My oddly shaped Giulia vase adds a sentimental touch to my bedside table, holding a dried bouquet of lavender from when I was bridesmaid for a close family friend last year.

And finally we all need a trusty lamp. Queue my favourite lamp of all time, the Junction Table Lamp by the one and only Heals. £135 is quite pricey for a lamp I must admit, I was lucky enough to grab mine in their sale earlier this year at half price! Also available in copper (which is stunning) and black too. I’m a sucker for an exposed bulb!

And that’s everything on my bedside table! Not much I know but it stays clutter free this way!

Thanks for reading! x

Heals Junction Table Lamp Brass