I only had my kitchen renovated earlier this year, before that it looked more like a dark hole than a kitchen. Its taken quite the transformation since then into a much more open white space with oak, marble and tons of copper features.

I always wanted a bunch of exposed bulb pendants handing over my marble breakfast bar and I knew that these copper Bristol pendant from Heals were the perfect ones as soon as I set my eyes on them. They’re not too pricey and they add an extra bit of texture with the robe cord.

I got this copper wine cooler as a house warming gift from my Aunty, although I have used it as a vase too! I’m pretty sure she said she got it from a supermarket… but I’m not sure. There are tons similar available online.

The tiniest, sleekest clock you will ever lay your eye on from Leff Amsterdam. The Tube Clock. Plus they have designed a matching copper Tube Audio Speaker which I’ll be adding to my Christmas list this year.

One of my favourite pieces in my kitchen, and by one of my favourite brands – House Doctor, the Asymmetric Copper Pendant. This feature light hangs over my dining table and looks perfect with the copper breakfast bar pendants.

I picked this copper candle holder up from a charity shop – which you can tell by it’s knocked about look! But I love it none the less, mostly because I’m desperate to get my hands on by Lassen Kubus one day.