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It’s been nearly two years since I had my kitchen renovated which means it’s been nearly two years of problems with my oak worktop, which I’ll post more about when it gets replaced soon! Choosing a new worktop has got me thinking about kitchen design all over again, from cupboards to worktops to all the fittings, including taps.

When I renovated my kitchen I knew I wanted it to be bright and minimal but the main thing I kept in mind was that as much as I love my home, I’m not planning on living here forever – maybe a few more years, which means the costly rooms to do up like the kitchen/ bathrooms need to be appealing to possible buyers in the future. So I figure it’s probably best not to go wild and eccentric until the next house. So taps for example, you all know how much I’d love a brass or copper tap, but in this house I think it’s best to stick to a classic, brass and copper are so on trend at the moment but who knows, in a few years time they may be very unfashionable, silver however will always be in.

So now that I’ve chosen my replacement worktop, once again I find myself browsing taps after taps. Luckily, Superbath have a great range of kitchen taps and a variety of brands too, including Grohe. I’ve never really been a fan of square taps, I like the look of a tall curved mixer tap best. I love the Grohe Concetto Kitchen Mixer tap, it looks like your average tap but bonus – it has a pull out spout, I have always wanted a pull out spout tap hence my second selection – Grohe K7 FootControl Electronic sink mixer 1/2, perfect for a more traditional kitchen don’t you think?

Hopefully my kitchen worktop will be replaced soon and I’ll be sure to share it when it is!

Do you have any tips when it comes to designing a kitchen? Or choosing what kind of tap to go with?

*This post is sponsored by Superbath but as always my opinions are my own.