Looking for a cheaper, cleaner solution to hang your posters? I don’t know about you but it kills my fingers taking the backs off of frames – so this is a bargain, pain free quick fix to both of those irritations in three easy steps! This was the perfect solution for me when I had planned to hang three large prints above my home office desk – I really didn’t want to have to buy three frames and I think it would have looked too much. Plus I wasn’t going to say no to a touch more brass at my desk! It’s so easy to turn these bulldog clips into wall poster clips – and if you buy a set from Holly’s House, you’ll have enough to hang 20 prints (saving a lot of money on frames).

Posters : Seaole 

Brass Bulldog Clips : Holly’s House


You will need:

  • Bulldog Clips
  • Poster
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  1. The size of the bulldog clips you use depends on the size of the poster. These gold bulldog clips from Holly’s House by House Doctor are quite big but they’re perfect for the 70 x 100cm Sealoe posters that I needed them to hold. Roughly mark the middle of the clip – this is where you need to drill a hole, the more central the hole, the straighter your poster will hang. Only drill one side of the clip, you might need a bit of muscle to do the drilling if you’re feeble like me!
  2. Once you’ve drilled your bulldog clip (ensuring the hole is big enough for the head of your nail) you need to knock your nail into the wall where your poster is going to hang. The nail doesn’t need to stick out from the wall much – it will look best if the clip is flush to the wall.
  3. Now that your nail is in, all you need to do is clip your bulldog clip to the middle of your poster (with the hole at the back) and pop the bulldog clip with the poster onto the wall by navigating the hole in the clip on to the nail head.

And there you have it! A unique and cheaper way of hanging your posters!

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