DIY - Pantone Wall Art

This was my first attempt at making homemade wall art using postcards. Its cheap, super easy and looks effective once you’ve finished.

DIY Pantone Wall Art

You will need:

  1. Pantone Postcard Box
  2. Scissors
  3. Sellotape
  4. Double Sided Tape
  5. White Paper
  6. Frame of your choice – I used IKEA Ribba Frame

In your Pantone Postcard Box you will find 100 Pantone postcards, each one a different colour. Firstly you need to decide what colour scheme you’re going to go with, you could focus around a particular hue or you could go bold and use a mixture of multi colours. I chose to focus around the 12-5204 Morning Mist card – mint green is my all time favourite colour! I measured up and found that 9 postcards would be the right amount to allow a decent amount of white space within my frame- although you could frame the postcards all the way up to the edge of your frame if you preferred. Once you have selected your postcards you need to order them. I tried to order mine from light to dark for effect. Lay them out in your chosen order.

For the next step you then need to lay them out in the same order but face down on a clean surface. Cut strips of sellotape a couple of inches long and use these to secure each postcard to the next postcard (tape the back of the postcard), ensure that all of the postcards are aligned as you are taping so you don’t have any out of place. Once they are all secure they will all hold together well enough for you to turn them over so the postcards are now facing up.

Now you need to cut your white paper to the size of your chosen photo frame – and using double sided tape secure the joined postcards centrally to the paper.

Finally, all you need to do is put your new Pantone Wall Art in your frame and you’re done!

DIY Pantone Wall Art