Camerich Sofa

Sofas are one of the only things I haven’t (luckily) had to invest in myself yet, when I moved out of my parents house years and years ago during the glory University days (when many days would be spent slobbing out on said sofas), my parents were kind enough to hand me down their old sofas – I say old but they were pretty much brand new so I got real lucky, and they are still the sofas I have in my current house today 6 years later. They have worn so well and to tell the truth they still look great, but I can’t help but lust over every grey fabric sofa I set my eyes on – the Scandinavian sofa dream.

Camerich Brooks_Narrow_Corner_Haze

In dreamland, I would have a living room big enough to have a huge grey fabric corner sofa. That is my ultimate sofa goal (yes I have sofa goals, how cool am I?) and in that same la la land, it’s the Brooks Narrow Corner Sofa that I’m lusting after – in the Haze light grey fabric, dreamy. But that’s all it is for now sadly, a distant dream. I could probably fit this sofa into my living room, but it would block one of the doors and apparently that’s not practical *sighs* I think I could live with it and climb through the window to get in if I had that sofa to look at every day…

Camerich Sofa Elan_Chaise_Blossom_Str

At the moment I have the two matching leather sofas in my living room, but the more I think about replacing them the less likely I am to get matching sofas again, either go for the same sofas in different colours, or maybe go for one sofa like the Elan Small Straight Sofa in Lagoon teamed with a chaise longue type sofa – the Elan Chaise in Blossom would be perfect in a corner (no I’m not over the blush trend just yet).

Camerich Sofa Elan_small_straight_Lagoon_Str

Since I’m 100% going to be getting fabric sofas next, it’s going to be a sad day for the piggies (my dogs), no more cuddles on the sofa, I’m going to be keeping that fabric as clean as possible!! I think the Lagoon fabric is my favourite shade. That to me is the perfect grey (above photo).

Camerich Sofa jane

The other thing I need to consider, and you will agree with me on this if you are a fellow tea guzzler, is that I either need to make sure that the sofa I get is either small enough to leave room for side tables, or I need to get a sofa that comes with a side table attached, like the Jane Contemporary Sofa – because spilling tea on the new sofa is just not an option, I need a side table somewhere. I quite like the idea of it being attached to the sofa, space saving!

Camerich Sofa

Lastly, the temptation to buy at least one sofa bed is always there, although we don’t have guests stay over that regularly, it’s always so handy to have when the Occassion arrises. After all, we’re not in our teens anymore and no-one wants to sleep on the floor! The Crescent Sofa looks far too designer to transform into a sofa-bed, but just like magic it does!

*This post is sponsored by Camerich but as always my opinions and words are my own.