My Summer Style #UKHomeBlogHop

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

It’s finally here! The UK Home Blog Hop, a round up of many (27 to be exact) UK Interior Bloggers sharing their Summer Style, aiming to inspire and enlighten you! First of all I just want to say a huge thank you to Kimberly from Swoon Worthy for organising this UK Home Blog Hop, I was lucky enough to be involved in the last Christmas Themed UK Blog Hop so I was delighted to be invited back on the Blog Hop for the Summer edition! So please make sure you check out Kimberly’s Summer-Ready Garden Reveal – you will be green with envy over her gorgeous West Elm pieces, Kimberly is the start of the Summer Style Blog chain so from hers you can hop to the next and so on.

If you’re heading over from Lisa Dawson Styling, HI! I’m Olivia, I love Scandi design, anything and everything gold and dogs, big dogs, little dogs, fluffy dogs, short-haired dogs. ALL the dogs. That’s probably all you need to know really but I hope you enjoy reading about My Summer Style!

I’m already judging myself massively over this and wishing I managed to get it done in time for this blog post, but please don’t judge me over the weeds on the patio (you probably didn’t even notice them until I mentioned them) – I promise they are going to get sorted out over the next few weeks but you know, life happens and I simply haven’t had time just yet so let’s just ignore those naughty sprouting nasties! That’s the trouble with living amongst fields (don’t get me wrong, I am forever grateful for having these beautiful views) you get weeds coming from every direction popping up every day, I just can’t keep on top of them – damn nettles.

But back to the important stuff. This is the first time that I’m sharing photos of my garden on my blog, mostly because even though I am immensely proud of the transformation it has already had, I’m not 100% satisfied with it, I still have plans to put some decking down, a pergola covered with Wisteria and much, much more – but I just can’t afford it all at once, I’ve concentrated on getting the inside of the house done because living in Britain you do tend to spend quite a small fraction of the year in the garden sadly but hey, it’s now at a point that I am happy with it but it’s not how I picture it looking when it’s finished if you get me. It’s good to have goals for the future though right?!

Everything you can see is (hopefully) linked further down the blog post (if I’ve missed anything please just leave a comment and I can let you know where it’s from) but here’s my newest additions.

Cox & Cox is one of my favourite websites all year round, they have such an amazing range of homewares, for both inside and outside. It would have been about this time last year when I got my dining table & bench set from them, so working with them this year on adding a few more of their garden pieces is wonderful because I really do just love them as a brand. Since I have last years Somerton table set it seemed fitting to get the matching plant stand, and I’m so glad I did, I think it really adds something to an empty corner when you throw in some plants at different heights, I’ve potted different herbs up – you know all the fancy herbs you get because you tell yourself you will use them in recipes, and then you never touch them… those herbs. I mean what do you put thyme in anyway?! Then my latest obsession is buying planters, ones that are going to stand the test of time (and British weather) but that suit my country garden style too – the aged zinc trough was just the thing. I’m honestly turning into my mother with all this planting I tell you… I’ve got my eye on Cox & Cox’s Elegant Metal Loungers next…

The BBQ. Well, I was SO excited when I came across this Charcoal Smoker BBQ. Isn’t she a beauty?! It’s different to any BBQ’s I’d seen before and it’s a great price, not too expensive at all. Granted you do have to build it yourself and that probably took me a good hour by myself but it was 100% worth it when those first sausages and burgers started grilling away. The garden really looked a little blank until I added that, it finished it off just nicely, so all in all I am super impressed with this BBQ find!

A little faux never hurt anyone. If you already read my blog you will know that I am a huge fan of faux plants, faux in the garden? Strange you say? Well I wanted a little something decorative on the table but I really didn’t want to put a real plant on there, the fields across the back are very flat and it can be very windy at times so the last thing I want is to be replacing a potted plant every week and cleaning up spilt soil. This adorable (very realistic) Faux lavender in a wooden tray from Sweetpea & Willow was just the thing I was looking for. Simple but effective.

We also recently added a sweet little brick border in at the front of the flower beds to break up the grass and the beds, basically to use up the bricks we gained from knocking through one of the walls inside the house into what will be the ensuite bathroom (more coming soon), but I think it looks really effective!

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style


UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

Somerton Outdoor Garden Dining Table & Bench Set – I have last years’ colour which is a very pale green colour.

Somerton Plant Stand

Aged Zinc Trough

Faux Lavender in Wooden Tray

Charcoal Smoker BBQ

Brass Lantern

And this below, is what the garden looked like just before I moved in 3 years ago – well the agreement with the previous owner was that the sheds would be removed for when I moved in, so if you imagine it minus the kennels, I was left with a hell of a lot of concrete slabs from the foundations, 2m high chicken wire fence, no lawn and a lot of work to do. But it had huge potential and I’m so so pleased with how it looks today in comparison to then, even though it is still far from finished.

UK Home Blog Hop My Summer Style

I really hope you enjoyed My Summer Style, along with the other talented bloggers that are part of this wonderful community Uk Home Blog Hop, next up is the Pink lady herself – The Pink House with her Summer style, ‘The Pink House Goes Pop‘!

Also a HUGE thank you to Cox & Cox, Wayfair & Sweetpea & Willow for helping to sponsor this post. All brands I truly adore and products I am proud to share and recommend with you guys!

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  1. Lazy Daisy Jones

    Wow! that is the most beautiful view ever I can smell the lavender from here (Faux or otherwise)
    I can see the work you have put in, the results are well worth it!
    so pleased to have found your blog via this lovely home tour!
    bestest wishes
    Ashley x

  2. Kate

    Oh my gosh what an *incredible* view you have from your garden Olivia! So jealous of this beautiful space you’ve created, it looks so peaceful and beautifully styled xx

  3. Kimberly ~ Swoon Worthy

    Oh my goodness, it’s just gorgeous Olivia! And no, I didn’t notice the weeds I promise – not when I was checking out that amazing view you have! So jealous of your gorgeous surroundings 🙂 And the whole area is looking fab, love all your little additions, they make it all look so inviting! Beautiful post and thanks so much for joining in the hop again, love your style xxx

  4. Juan Sandiego

    The view, the white picket fence, the flower/shrub beds… It looks stunning. A total transformation from that other photo from three years ago.

    But then I saw the dog, and I melted. Then ANOTHER dog (with the tongue sticking out!), and I evaporated. Now you left me struggling for the rest of the day!

  5. Carole King

    What amazing views you have. Goodness. I’ve got my eye on some zinc planters too. x

  6. Carole

    Living in London, I would kill for that view, wow! You’ve done an awful lot of work and it all looks wonderful and very summery. xo

  7. Stephanie

    What amazing views!! I could imagine sitting there, eating my lunch and relaxing. Suvh a lovely area.

  8. vicki

    Fantastic transformation from how it looked before! It’s lovely and cosy and comfortable and I can quite easily imaging spending hours looking over that view. How lucky you are! Lovely post!

  9. Amanda

    Hey stranger! Its so lovely to see your outside space, I love the Cox and Cox table set and plant stand, they look fab. What a view as well! Hope you are well x

  10. Susan Earlam

    You have such great views from your garden! I’m jealous xx

  11. Candy Pop

    How beautiful and what an amazing view! Gorgeous styling. x

  12. Becky

    Oh my goodness the view form your garden! Love your styling too

  13. Karen

    Woah! That’s one hell of a view – and you’ve complemented it beautifully x

  14. Maxine

    Wow – what a transformation. Well done. Love the bbq and the ladder plant stand.

  15. Anne Marie

    What a view!!! And what a transformation from what it was before 🙂



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