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Our Garden a Year On
It's all very well me saying how great our garden was upon completion last year in the big makeover reveal. But the true test, especially in the UK where the weather is not great for the majority of the year, is how it has held up over time!


Faux Giant Clam Shell
My Latest Obsession - Nautical Ornaments
It seems since I returned from our honeymoon in the Maldives that I've become a hoarder for anything nautical, anthing from the sea.. well not literally, all these items are faux.
Pink Under the Stairs Pantry Cupboard
Under the Stairs Pantry Cupboard Reveal
It's finally complete! Our little pantry reveal! Previously an under the stairs cupboard in our kitchen which was essentially a dumping ground...


DIY How To Build a Modern Pond

DIY How To Build a Modern Pond

Well well well, what a surprise, I’m back with another blog post about the garden. You’ll be glad when it’s winter I’m sure so I stop harping on about it! BUT

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