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The lovely people over at sent us over some goodies since I have what resembles a growing zoo as a home. Currently 2 dogs (one pig really), one cat and three chickens. That’s a lot bags of pet food to lug to the car from the supermarket! Lugging no more. generally  get your orders to you for the next day and what I really like about their store is that they offer a re-occuring order service #BottomlessBowl, which means you can schedule repeat deliveries and you’ll never run out or have to make a mad rush to the supermarket when you realise you’re about to starve your precious four legged friends!

Well as you know, Bean (french bulldog) is a little (large) pig, so these goodies went down very well with him. Although he was a little miffed that he didn’t get to sample any of Marble’s Scottish Salmon cat food. Although Alfie (Cavalier King Charles) is a fussy little one when it comes to food, he gobbled this James Wellbeloved kibble down with no complaints. Bean didn’t even get to lick the bowl which makes a change! As far as the chicken fillets went. Well Alfie was in heaven. Chicken is his absolute favourite thing, I’m pretty sure he dreams about it every night. And day. Let’s face it, all dogs do all day is sleep. (I’m coming back as a dog in my next life for sure) My mum get’s these exact same dried fillets for her dog (a pesky Boxer dog) and swears by them. She cuts them into small pieces as they are the only treats he will train with or come back to – that’s how yummy they are for them!! Bean wasn’t so lucky. Unfortunately being the pig that he is, he still hasn’t developed the capability to chew before swallowing. I’ve learnt this the hard way in the past giving him dental sticks which he swallows hole, regurgitates and repeats until mean mummy takes it off him! I’ve convinced myself he’s going to choke himself one day, so I save myself the grief and just don’t give him tough chews – he always gets a small chewy bone biscuit instead though, he’s not totally deprived. Poor pig.

Marble adopted her pig like traits from her brother from another mother from the day she arrived. Despite her petite frame, she’s got a real appetite. Especially for Scottish salmon it seems – I spilt so much food as a result of her pushing my hand out of her bowl before I had finished pouring her portion out! Greedy little thing. The treats she is still working her way though, if she had it her way she’s finish the lot in one sitting!

A huge range of quality products and brands, speedy delivery and a bottomless bowl service – what more could you want from a pet shop?

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P.S. Don’t forget to check out their Youtube for tips to keep your pets safe.