I was kindly sent a pair of SACKit‘s stunning WOOfit Bluetooth Headphones to try out, but before waffle on about them, I wanted to show some of my favourite pieces of their collection off… because they are just too good not to share, and you know how much I love grey?!

First up (above). RETROit is SACKit’s range of super stylish beanbags essentially, but you won’t ever need to keep re-shaping this baby, they keep their shape all by themselves. RETROit comes in various different covers but the Cobana range is the perfect texture to me, and the best part – they’re suitable for outdoors too… completely water resistant… so wether you’re picturing yourself slouched on this in front of the TV or soaking up some rays in the summer, RETROit is ready for British weather all year round.

Secondly, MOVEit. You know how much I love a well designed speaker! MOVEit does plug in but also has a battery which means it’s a portable speaker too. It has wi-fi, bluetooth and multi-room functionality! Oh and if you’re an interior freak like me, you can change the front to suit your style! LOVE!


In addition to RETROit, I love SQUAREit, and SACKit have a mini version which is perfect for kids – you know that beanbags and kids were made for each other, and if it’s durable for the outdoors it can certainly withstand kiddies sticky hands so it’s pretty much mark-proof! Ideal!


The perfect addition to SQUAREit and RETROit is the RETROit Cobana drum and the TRAYit combined. That way, you always have a spare stool and a table if you need one!

Well I couldn’t leave the DOGit Cobana out could I? My fur babies would never forgive me. Obviously this is an essential, and again, water resistant so it’s ideal for dogs!

DOGit White

Back to the WOOFit Headphones! I’ve never known a pair of headphones to have so many built in functionalities!


Wire compatible

Active noise cancellation

Bluetooth headphones

Hands-free calling

Aside from all the techy stuff, they are super comfy and they’re rose gold & tan leather so what’s not to love?! I’m looking forward to my next trip abroad to test the noise cancellation!! Have you tried noise cancelling headphones before?

*This post is in collaboration with SACKit but as always my opinions are my own.