A few months ago I went through a really bad sleeping patch, even though I was getting into bed at a decent time and getting up early, I was struggling to fall to sleep for hours – I think that I just had a lot going on like most people, and when I have a lot on my mind, naturally my mind decides that the best time to think about every thing I need to do and everything I need to worry about is when I’m lying in bed trying to fall asleep. So I asked on Instagram if anyone struggled with the same thing and if so what their tips were (because asking for help on Instagram is statistically proven (by me) to be more helpful than googling it), which I will go into shortly – as well as what I have been putting into practice.

I didn’t have too much trouble sleeping over the festive period – I think I was just so busy that I was absolutely exhausted when I hit the pillow, but now January has arrived and I’m struggling again, but now when I try and fall asleep all I can think about is our wedding… planning the wedding is going to be a long process and I don’t want to be losing sleep over it which is why this week I’ve decided on three New Year’s Resolutions to help me sleep but also to help give me a better lifestyle.


No phone or laptop after 9.30pm


This will be hard given that all Lust Living content is created around a full time job, which means I do generally spend weekday evenings and weekends glued to my laptop working and responding to emails, or on my phone scrolling through Instagram, replying to messages and comments, scheduling content and so on. However, I’m convinced spending so much time looking at a screen (when I look at a computer screen all day in my real job too) is doing me no good, and it’s not helping my eyes rest or adjust before I head off to bed. In my final year of university I had to get glasses, not because of my sight, fortunately I have 20/20 vision, but because focussing at a computer screen all day was giving me headaches – and that’s started to happen again so it’s definitely time to step back from screens, or at least develop more of a routine. So from now on, I will work until no later than 9.30pm in the evenings and instead of scrolling through Instagram in bed before I go to sleep, I will attempt to read a book for a bit instead. I’ve popped my favourite books at the moment below.


Drink more water


I am terrible when it comes to drinking enough fluid every day, on a normal day I’ll maybe drink three cups of tea – it’s no wonder I get headaches really is it? I’m dehydrated most of the time. SO, I’ve ordered myself a big (gold obvs) 1.8L water bottle and my aim will be to drink one full bottle a day! With all the headaches I get, I’m hoping this will help – drinking water is a natural headache remedy after all which is great since and I hate taking paracetamol unless I’m in extreme pain. Drinking water apparently increases energy and relieves fatigue too and I need all the help I can get in that department given that I am the world’s worst morning person, seriously, getting out of bed at the age of 27 really should not be this much of a struggle…


Cut down my sugar intake


As it stands at the moment (until my new fancy bottle arrives that it), the only fluid I drink on a daily basis is tea, at work I drink pomegranate green tea but when I’m home I have a regular British tea – Yorkshire tea to be precise, I have no issue with drinking caffeine but the problem is that I take my tea white with two sugars… so three cups of tea later and I’ve consumed the advised limit for women – 6 teaspoons of sugar (based on a 2,000-calorie diet, 5%).  I tend to drink tea with sugar in the evening too and having sugar before bed is really not going to help me sleep either is it? So going forward, I’m going to drink more green tea and when I do fancy a proper cup of tea I’m going to have naturally derived sweeteners instead of sugar.


In addition to these resolutions – which are really just lifestyle changes (hopefully if I stick with them – wish me luck), I’ve popped some of my personal favourite sleep remedies below, various things that I have tried and tested for the last few months, things that have helped me get settled better before going to sleep, some which have been recommended to me by some of you, some which I’ve been doing for a while.

My first tip for a better nights sleep is to get totally and completely relaxed, and nothing says relaxed quite like a candle lit bath and a face mask. A good pamper always helps me chill out. Lush’s lavender and rosemary A French Kiss bubble bar is perfect for feeling blissful before bedtime – plus lavender is used as a natural stress relief. I’m definitely partial to a bath bomb/bubble bar, I always have a bottle of Olverum Bath Oil to hand and this is the best bath oil I have ever used I swear. It fills the entire bathroom with the most incredible lavender scent. The Bunny Moon face mask is my go to at the moment – the honey is moisturising, the rose oil helps to soothe and balance while the chamomile and marigold infusion calms the skin. Perfect.

After a hot bath, I pat a few drops of Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate on my face – again, this contains lavender and primrose oil to help promote relaxation. Part of sleeping well for me involves being comfortable, we sleep on a memory foam Leesa mattress with a wool matress topper on top – it’s like sleeping on a marshmallow. But comfortable pyjamas are just as important as what I’m sleeping on. I’ve popped my favourite nightwear below.



Next, I apply Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (which is clinically proven to encourage and enhance sleep) and then lastly, my favourite of the lot. LUSH’s sleepy lotion. Honestly the best smell I’ve ever smelt. I apply it to my forearms and my wrists (at a minimum) every night before I get tucked up in bed and I can honestly say that for me this works. It helps me sleep so much better.

There’s a few other bits that have been recommended to me but I’m yet to try so I’ve linked them below:



Do you have any tips for a better night’s sleep? What are your New Year’s Resolutions?