Today’s post is something a little different, but it’s about time I introduced the two loves of my life. My baby boys, Alfie (Cavalier King Charles) and Bean (French Bulldog /Pig /Bat /Frog). I came across this perfect sentence somewhere on social media this week, “I don’t care if my baby is a boy or a girl as long as it’s a healthy puppy”. That is me. They are my life. Which is why it’s so important that they both have the right diet. Dog food can be very confusing, should I feed my dog raw food? Should I feed my dog kibble? What kibble should I feed my dog? How much kibble should I feed my dog? makes it so simple and the best part is that the dog food they blend together will be tailor-made especially for your dog. Every single dog is one of a kind so why do we feed them generic one-size-fits-all food?

When you register on you run though a quick nutritional consultation, basically you tell them about your dog’s health, lifestyle, lifestage and flavour preferences (Alfie has been obsessed with chicken ever since I brought him home at 8 weeks old – so this part in particular was a god send for him!) Based on your dog’s breed and weight, work out for you how much you should be feeding your dog per day, you receive a personalised cup to measure your dog’s food out so you know you are feeding them exactly the right amount (no more guessing – this is really important if you have a dog with a great appetite like my Beanie. He really is a piglet, if I kept filling his bowl, he would just continue to gobble it down. Moderation guys, no one wants to have to end up taking their dog to fat fighters dog club!) have a monthly delivery service which means you’ll receive just the right amount of food for your dog per month and more importantly, you won’t run out! You can monitor the delivery dates on your account, or pause or delay the deliveries if you’re not going to be about. It really couldn’t be any easier. In terms of how the kibble went down with my dogs, they loved it. Bean isn’t all that hard to impress as I already said, he’s a pig. He would eat almost anything. Alfie on the other hand has been a fussy eater all his life and when I put his first bowl of Tails kibble down, he ate it all straight away. Normally he will leave his bowl and go back to it every now and then, but he’s definitely got the taste for this kibble – I put that down to the chicken flavouring (another reason why the individual blend is such a good idea!)

I can’t rate this dog food and this company enough, the customer service is second to none too  – when you can get a two week free trial why deprive your doggies of this deliciousness?

For a two week free trial with £1 delivery (this is for just one dog, second dog will get 50% off) use my code LUSTLIVING at: