Amazon Fire Review

Now this is by no means a comparison post, or an Apple bashing post, because I truly am an Apple girl at hear, I love their products and swear by their laptops in particular, but I can’t help but compare the two… when I think about it, everyone I know has an Apple iPad at some point, and I suspect that the majority of people reading this have used an Apple iPad at some stage in their life, so if I do appear to be comparing the two, it’s just because I think it will be more relatable to most people.

Amazon kindly got in touch and asked me to review their fastest ever selling tablet – Fire 7 Tablet, and I was more than happy to since I do use tablets, not every day admittedly, mostly when I travel, to read books (via kindle), to watch trashy shows on Netflix and so on, and I’m travelling more and more these days with my blog so it’s always good to have a tablet on hand.

The first thing I noticed when I got the tablet was how light it is, (here I go comparing) the Apple iPad I have is the mini version, the first mini that they brought out, so granted, it isn’t the newest one out, but it’s a lot heavier than the Fire. Secondly, I’m always so paranoid about scratching my iPad and smashing the screen, because like iPhones they really do break quite easily (without a case on anyway) and it doesn’t take much to scratch the metal edge, the Amazon Fire is a lot more durable and sturdy – I haven’t dropped it yet, but that time will definitely happen at some point (not on purpose obviously), but I have every faith that it will survive! This also makes me think they would be great for kids – I certainly wouldn’t spend a fortune buying my kids an iPad if I knew this was about. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount apps that were available, this is probably me being thick and never having used anything but an Apple phone/tablet so I knew the App Store existed for Apple users but low and behold – there’s one on the Fire too, so you can download all the essentials, Facebook, 4od, ITV Hub, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Kindle, Sims (ignore that I said that one).

The screen is great, I’ve had no problems watching/reading anything, same goes for the sound, oh and I love that you can pop in an micro SD card if you need more storage (something which am constantly running out of on my iPhone)! You’ve got a front and rear camera which is perfect for skype sessions and taking photos of your pets obviously.

The best part – it’s just £49.99 for the 8GB or the £59.99 for the new 16GB! I don’t even need to tell you that that’s a GREAT price next to the iPad mini!

So would I recommend? Absolutely – I’m all about saving money and I don’t see why you wouldn’t get the Fire instead of other versions on the market! It’s packed with everything you need and great value for money. I’m off to London first thing in the morning and guess what will be entertaining me on the journey there and back? My Amazon Fire and the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars!

Amazon Fire Review

*This post is in collaboration with Amazon but my opinions as always are my own.