September Round Up

Oh well look at that, I promised I’d do an August roundup… but I managed to miss another month out… again. Maybe I should just do every other month roundups? Clearly I find it much easier to stick to that schedule…

Anyway! September has been and gone – can you believe it?! This post is up a few days late (I’ve been having real technical issues with my website for the last week so I couldn’t get anything live) but I wanted to make sure I still got this live since September was quite a month for me!

Firstly, if by some miracle you haven’t heard me bashing on about it already… the 9 month bathroom renovation is finished!!! Oh and to celebrate, I filmed my first YouTube video for the reveal which you can watch here.




Yep! And it’s all thanks to you guys! So honestly, the biggest thank you to you if you voted for me – I was up against 90+ other fabulous blogs in my category for Best Interior Lifestyle Blog so it’s a miracle that I’ve been shortlisted along with four other blogs – you can see the full shortlist here.

About a week after the Amara Interior Blog Awards shortlist was announced, my blog was featured in it’s first ever magazine feature, and not just any magazine, only my favourite magazine ever. FREAKING GRAZIA! I’m still in shock about it if I’m honest, it was, and still is a proper pinch me moment. I knew the feature was happening but when I flicked through the copy I picked up in a petrol station, I was expecting a tiny photo of my bedroom, not a bl**dy full page feature. (Excuse the language – I’m still pretty excited about it – it’s a huge milestone for me, I may have bought not one but two copies just for safe keeping!) Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my photograph never mind my name being in Grazia! See what I mean about me having a good month now?!

Lust Living Bedroom Feature Grazia MagazineLust Living Bedroom Feature Grazia Magazine

So what better way to celebrate all this wonderful news than with a beautiful bunch of flowers?! See below and above to see the exotic flowers that Vela Flowers very kindly sent me, I’ve never seen quite such a beautiful and different bunch! (Well champagne is always a good idea too obviously) Introducing Vela Flowers – family run letterbox flowers business! There’s nothing I love more than helping to promote fabulous small family run businesses – but they really are special, sending only seasonal flowers across the nation with free next day delivery. I’ve had flowers too many times from the big flower companies and the quality is just not what you expect for the price you pay – Vela Flowers were frustrated by this too so decided to start up their own flower business. Isn’t that brilliant?




September Round Up

This next part is hands down one of the most special things I have received so far. The very talented illustrator Erin from Homemade House got in touch and asked if I would like a custom illustration for in my home, of course I was absolutely delighted and asked if she would be able to recreate the photo of my bedroom from my Scandinavian Bedroom Blog post last year. Although it’s not something I would like framed as a photograph, this photo has been very significant for my blog – last year this particular photograph somehow ended up going viral and in a way kickstarted my blogging career for me so it’s lovely to have such a beautiful representation of it framed to keep in my home as a reminder. Erin is seriously so talented guys, I’m beyond impressed!

Oh also, I managed to find the perfect gold (obviously) frame for it in Homesense for a bargain – YAY!

September Round Up

September Round Up

Lastly, and by no means least since it’s food related, and it would be a crime if I did not share this with you… my absolute favourite bakers at Honeywell Bakes are now offering a monthly biscuit subscription. I know I know… that’s the best damn subscription service you’ve ever heard of right?! A bit more info on this yumminess below…

You can choose a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription. Or, if you or the lucky receiver has a particularly sweet tooth, it can be rolling on until Honeywell Bakes are told to stop. Each month the biscuits will leave fresh from the bakery to land on your doorstep. The Honeywell Bakes Biscuit boxes have been designed to be letter box friendly, so if you aren’t there to welcome them they will be
there for when you arrive home. There will always be 6-8 biscuits ready to enjoy (but I don’t recommend sharing them – they are far to tasty to for that).

Plus, to celebrate the launch of the biscuit subscription, Honeywell Bakes are offering the first 50 people who sign up
to the 6 month subscription 20% off AND they will get a packet of loose leaf tea carefully selected to match your biscuits. All you need to do it use the code treattribe at checkout, and Bob’s your uncle.

And that’s it folks! Until the end of October… or maybe November who knows!

Honeywell Bakes