Kitchen Design Trends 2019 – Vogue

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Chelford Dove Grey


If there was one room I wish I had been braver with when designing it, it would be our kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, I love our kitchen, but at the time I played it safe because I wasn’t sure this was our forever home and I wanted it to be fairly neutral in the hope that it would be appealing to potential buyers in 5 years time. Now I realise that this is our forever home though. We still have a lot of work to do to it and it will have to grow with us as we outgrow it in time, but this is it. If I had the chance to re-design the kitchen now, I’d be braver, bolder, I’d put my stamp on it. To give you an idea – it would be just like Howdens’ Vogue trend.


Chelford Dove Grey


Howdens Kitchen Trends Book features four different trends. Solace, New Industrial, Urban Wild, and of course, Vogue.

The Vogue Trend. Think luxe, a soft colour palette (pale pink being my favourite), timeless marble worktops and a pop of elegance and warmth with brass metallic finishes for your hardware, tap, splashback and lighting. That’s the Vogue trend.

Get the look. To create the Vogue look it’s best to start off with a gentle palette, like the Chelford Dove Grey cupboard doors – this will help create a soft, warm atmosphere. If you have an island in your kitchen, using cupboard doors such as the Allendale Slate Grey will give you a great contrast and wow factor. Elegant stones, such as white marble, are going to add a really luxe feel but adding a brass backboard is what’s going to give you the ultimate Vogue look. I dream of having a brass backboard one day. With neutral cupboards and pops of metallic around the kitchen, a brass tap is going to tie in perfectly – and you can’t go wrong with a ceramic sink, timeless.


Chelford Dove Grey


Now to add the ‘jewellery’, some call them handles… brass handles obviously, cup style handles for a more traditional feel or bar handles for a more modern take.


Chelford Dove Grey


Lighting has always been such an important part of our kitchen, I would recommend under the counter lighting to everyone – but more importantly – feature pendants will take your kitchen from stylish to statement. They’re the perfect finishing touch. Add brass finished light fittings to tie in with your metallic hardware – these brass glass pendants by Hubsch are my current favourites, we have these in our bedroom but they would look stunning over a kitchen island or a breakfast bar – and they’re available in two sizes!


Howdens Kitchen Trends 2019 Vogue


So that’s the Vogue trend. How me, right? It’s getting me so excited for when we extend the house one day and re-design the kitchen… just need to wait for us to win the lottery for that extension…

You can read all about the other four trends here – all equally as instaworthy, trust me.

So which trend are you? Or maybe you are a mixture?


Chelford Dove Grey




  1. Ami

    This is beautiful! I need this in my kitchen.

  2. Damian Dewhirst

    Absolutely love the brushed brass taps! How long do you think the vogue trend will be in trend for?


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