Iceland Blue Lagoon Review & Tips


The final post on my favourite places that we visited in Iceland.

There is a reason the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is one of the 25 wonders of the world – and that reason is because it is heaven on earth. Once you have gained entry, bathe in the 40° mineral rich water surrounded by a lava field for as long as you wish. Admittedly this is a hugely popular tourist hotspot, we even had to queue up outside the spa for 20 minutes or so just to get inside to the reception – the staff made up for this however by giving out free Icelandic ice creams! But still – arrive as early as possible to avoid this! Once you’re inside you immediately forget about queuing up in the cold.

The excitement starts to build as you are given your locker bracelet and pointed in the direction of the changing rooms – forget those horrible chunky key locker bracelets we get here in the UK, the Blue Lagoon uses locker bracelets that you simply scan to open and lock your locker – genius! The changing rooms are huge and there are tons of hair driers, mirrors, cotton pads, cotton buds, plastic bags for your wet swimwear – and everything else you could need!

Once you step out from the changing rooms to the outdoors you can immediately feel the steam coming off the water. There are tons of places to hang up your robe and towel (I would recommend hiring a robe and towel because if you just go with a robe, your towel is not going to dry off outside in Iceland and you will be cold and damp every time you put it on). Being such a popular location, the Blue Lagoon will seem very busy with people everywhere you look, but once you enter the water its a different story. There is so much steam that it suddenly seems quite private, you cannot see clearly a couple of metres away. People begin to blur out. Also the fact that the actual lagoon is huge helps – there’s so much space you will be able to find an empty spot easily.

Oh and did I mention theres a bar IN the lagoon?! Yep – you don’t even have to get out! They serve smoothies, prosecco, whatever you fancy! Fancy a little treatment? Dotted around the lagoon there are crates filled with Silica mud mask – so you don’t necessarily  need to pay for a pampering, although massages and other treatments are available for a an extra cost. Just scoop some silica face mask out of the crate, apply it to your face and after 5 minutes rinse it off in the lagoon. Your face is going to feel as soft as a baby’s bottom afterwards!

There’s also a sauna, steam room and a lovely warm relaxation area overlooking the lagoon plus a fancy restaurant (theres a cafe for quick snacks too). There’s something for everyone. And it’s a great place for people of all ages, wether you’re with friends, a partner, family or whoever – I would highly recommend a trip to the Blue Lagoon! It’s will blow all the other spas you have been to out of the water! The only downside of course is it is a little pricey – but the cost of living in Iceland in general is much higher than here in the UK, so this was expected. Having visited, I thought I would note down some tips that might help you when planning your trip.


  • Take your flip flops – trust me the floor outside once you leave the water is freezing, and do you really want to pay 10 EUR to rent some slippers for the day?
  • If you have room take a towel – save yourself 5 EUR per person
  • If you have a waterproof phone case – don’t forget it! (And your selfie stick too if you must) This is not a place you will be able to leave without taking tons of photos to make all your friends back home jealous! Plus there’s free wi-fi so you can make them jealous without hesitation! They sell waterproof phone cases at the Blue Lagoon but they aren’t cheap!
  • Arrive as early as possible! Avoid queues – I heard it is quieter first thing in the morning. The spa is however also open until late at night – I imagine this is a romantic time to go if you’re planning on visiting with a partner.
  • If you’re going with someone of the opposite sex – make sure you aren’t sharing a bag, because once you head off to your separate changing rooms, one of you will be carrying your clothes about until you get to your lockers! We made this mistake!
  • If you are hoping to have lunch/dinner in the restaurant make sure you book in advance to avoid disappointment when you get there!

That’s all I can think of for now but if you have any questions just ask!

Iceland Blue Lagoon Review

Iceland Blue Lagoon Review

Iceland Blue Lagoon Review

Iceland Blue Lagoon Review

Iceland Blue Lagoon Review

Iceland Blue Lagoon Review

Blue Lagoon - Iceland




  1. Grace Man

    Hi there
    Do you remember how much they sell the waterproof phone case at Blue Lagoon? I’m looking for some waterproof phone case on, but am not sure they those on amazon are suitable for using in spring at a temperature of 37 to 40C.
    Your help is appreciated.

    • Olivia Silk

      Hi lovely, oh gosh I can’t remember for the life of me… probably higher than what you would usually pay for one since everything is pretty pricey over there xxx

      • Grace

        haha that’s fine. I’ve emailed them and they say it cost 2.900 iskr so it’s very expensive. xxx


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