Dine In Style This Christmas

Dine In Style This Christmas - Juliettes Interiors

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Some of you will know that at the beginning of next year we will be undertaking our biggest renovation project yet, our garage conversion, and when that happens there will be a slight room re-arrange on our bottom floor – the garage will become our living room and what is the living room now will become a dining room – we will finally have a whole room for dining – how posh! Currently we have a dining nook in the corner of our kitchen which is cosy and does the job for now, but whenever we have guests over it can get a bit crammed so I’m really looking forward to having a larger space and a bigger table for us to be able to catch up with our friends and family over.

Which brings me nicely to today’s post. Designing my dream dining room with Juliette’s Interiors which will hopefully give you some inspiration in plenty of time for such a critical season for entertaining – Christmas. There is no denying it, good food and drinks are such a huge part of celebrating Christmas so the dining table is always a natural place to gravitate to – and where so many festive memories and even traditions are made. We are at that point in our lives where we have really started enjoying cooking, especially for other people so I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to having a dining room – so we can fully enjoy our culinary delights – and sometimes failures… For years, I have dreamt of a round marble dining table so naturally I was immediately drawn to this Italian Marble Dining Table – which let’s be honest, is a piece of art. And it would be an insult to said piece of art not to pair it with dining chairs of an equal design statement – my love for pink in the home is no secret so these Italian Quilted Nubuck Leather Dining Chairs were the perfect choice – they look incredibly luxurious but also seriously comfy too.

Dine In Style This Christmas - Juliettes Interiors

What’s Christmas without cocktails? And what’s cocktails without a bar cart? I give you, the Luxury Gold Serving Trolley. Need I say more?

Dine In Style This Christmas - Juliettes Interiors

Now I love a bit of mood lighting over dinner so I picked out some atmospheric lighting to help create a cosy scene over a candlelit dinner. First up, this dreamy Palm Tree Floor Lamp – I’ve lusted over this lamp for years now – it’s a total statement piece and is sure to get people people’s attention! Secondly, these Gold Plated Designer Contemporary Wall Lights. Wall lights make all the difference to a room, plus they’re gold plated so what’s not to love? I would style these either side of an abstract piece of artwork – pieces like this are really versatile as they can be hung portrait or landscape which can give your room a new lease of life should you wish a little change up! And lastly, a simple accessory to feed my current nautical obsession, this Brass Shell Bowl – preferably filled with roasted chestnuts!

Dine In Style This Christmas - Juliettes Interiors

And that my friends, is exactly how my dream dining space would look this Christmas. Head over to my Pinterest board for more! Fingers crossed next Christmas we will have a dining room half as gorgeous as this to entertain in. Bring on the garage conversion!




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    We LOVE your cool and quirky take on Christmas Dining Design – this is truly fabulous x



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