Terrariums are easy to pick up cheap, from charity shops to TK Maxx – you might even get lucky and find one raiding your parent’s garage like I did. You probably already have something suitable at home, a simple vase that you have in the cupboard will do the exact same job. I used a cube vase in this DIY which was perfect for potting this tiny set of 6 cacti. Basically anything that isn’t going to leak when you water your terrarium. But if you want to spend a little more on a Terrarium, Graham and Green have some beauties.


You will need:


  • Vessel of your choice
  • Cacti/Succulents
  • Cactus Compost
  • Gravel for drainage
  • Decorational stones (optional)
  1. Once you’ve decided on what you’re going to use as your vessel, give it a good clean – it’s much easier doing this now than when you’ve got a prickly cacti inside.
  2. You’re gonna need some drainage so that the water has somewhere to sit without flooding the plants. Small rocks or gravel will do the trick. How much drainage you have depends entirely on the size of your vessel, but I normally aim for a good 1″ to 2″.
  3. Add your cacti compost. Make sure that your plants will have as much depth in the soil as they do in their pots at the moment (and then add a little more to allow room for growth).
  4. Have an idea of how you are going to arrange your plants in your terrarium – I use Pinterest for inspiration. Remove the plants from their pots and gently crumble away any hard soil from around their roots. Using your fingers dig holes big enough for each plant’s roots and place them in. Add more compost around the top and make sure the plants are secure by compacting the soil down around the base of the plants. Try not to place the plants too close to each other or to the side of the vessel – they need space to grow.
  5. Add the finishing touches. Some people use moss, sticks and all sorts to add something extra to the top. I keep mine fairly minimalistic with some white decorational stones to the top, it contrasts with the soil well and suits my monochrome theme haha!
  6. Give your terrarium a little water, it won’t need much and doesn’t need watering too often – which is why they are so easy to keep alive!
DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium



  • Don’t over water
  • Don’t keep in direct sunlight – indirect sunlight is best
  • If leaves die (which is normal) remove them. Similarly – if a plant dies, remove it so it doesn’t affect the other plants.

And that’s it! You have your terrarium in six simple steps. Happy potting!




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