Mabel 2 Seat Sofa

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Ever since we updated our living room as part of last year’s Revamp Restyle Reveal, it felt like the room was complete apart from one thing, the sofa. I loved the grey sofa we had but it just didn’t fit the style of the new living room decor unfortunately so I’ve been on the hunt for something a bit more classic rather than Scandi ever since. One day I would absolutely love to have the space for a great big corner sofa – the Long Island Sofa is my actual dream sofa, #sofagoals … one day hopefully! But for now we have to work with the space we have. We had a footstool with our last sofa so we knew that we absolutely couldn’t live without one again, we used it so much and since our living room is too small to fit a corner or an L-shaped sofa, a 2 seater and a matching footstool to double up as a pretend L-shaped sofa seemed like the perfect compromise.

For the last couple of months we have been trying out the Mabel 2 Seat Sofa and Mabel Footstool (very kindly gifted from in the velvet fabric ‘Elephant Cotton Matt velvet’, living with it, enjoying it, and the verdict is in – we love it.

It’s extremely comfortable, so no complaints there.

The footstool is so wide it’s perfect for two people to actually be able to enjoy and use at the same time, and if ever we need to create a bit more space in the living room, we have the option to be able to simply move the footstool aside. And, the footstool is the exact same height as the sofa too so when you’ve got your feet up it does feel like it’s all sofa and not separate. Cosy.

I’m so pleased with the colour and fabric that we chose too, having had a light grey sofa previously, it just wasn’t practical, with two dogs brushing past every day we needed something a little bit darker and generally I do find that velvet is actually a pretty touch fabric. In the long run, I think that this will be far more practical, easier to keep clean and in great condition. Fingers crossed anyway!

So here’s to many cosy nights snuggled up in-front of Netflix. Do you have the space for an L-shaped/corner sofa? Would you compromise with a footstool? Mabel 2 Seat Sofa Mabel 2 Seat Sofa Mabel 2 Seat Sofa Mabel 2 Seat Sofa Mabel 2 Seat Sofa Mabel 2 Seat Sofa